The first of the M40 rifles came out of the necessity for a reliable long range weapon. Carried through the jungles of Vietnam, this is the weapon that wrote the rulebook for scout snipers. Your the connoisseur that prefers the vintage feel of a handcrafted wood stock. You want to know where it all started and what it felt like. You also want reliability and repeatability. Look no further, your search has ended with a classic taste of simplicity.

M40 Build Cost – $1425.00*

-Add $50 if customer is supplying a previously bedded stock

* This price is for labor on a 100% mil-spec rifle with the customer supplying all necessary build parts.

* Any missing screws, bad ejectors, etc. will add to this cost.

M40 Parts List

6 digit Remington 700 Receiver

Walnut M40 Style Stock

Douglas Barrel-Chrome Moly Remington Varmint Contour. I recommend a finish turned

barrel blank of Air Gaged Quality. DO NOT ORDER STAINLESS STEEL Stainless does not

accept Parkerizing which is the correct finish for the M40 rifle.

**NOTE: When ordering from Douglas let them know barrel finishes at 24″. **

Remington 700 Recoil Lug

Remington 700 Bottom Metal (prefer M40 Bottom Metal but can work with standard Model 700)

Redfield 40X Scope Base with 1-64 Rings

Early Pressed Trigger

Redfield 3×9 Accurange